September 3, 2016



Bow Lyrix would like to reach the community with more instrumental entertainment!  Help make this dream a reality!   Feel free to donate any amount.  Gifts may be given at certain donation levels depending on availability.
$10.00 – For a $10 donation, you can be included in our next newsletter featuring Bow Lyrix performance schedule and projects!  Please send your email address to be included.
$30.00 – For a $30 donation, you can request an LED lightstrip for your bow!  These lightstrips come with a battery pack to strap on your wrist and adhesive to stick on your bow.  Please include your wrist size and mailing address.  Thanks for your support!
$50.00 – For a $50 donation, you can request a violin practice journal!  These journals are designed to help keep you accountable, consistent and thourough.  Please include your mailing address.  I truly feel blessed to have your support, Thank you!
$100.00 – For a $100 donation, you can request an exclusive shirt!

Need something else? Use our Contact Us page.